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October Vinyl Night

2The MekonsMemphis, EgyptThe Mekons Rock & RollJoel from LouisvilleLangford playing at MOTR again this week
3Continental DriftersMeet on the Ledge45Joel from LouisvilleFairport Convention cover
4The DB'sPicture Sleeve45Joel from Louisville 
They Might Be GiantsTheme from Flood / Birdhouse in Your SoulFloodBob Nyswonger 
David BowieJoe the LionHeroesBob Nyswonger 
They Might Be GiantsIstanbul (Not Constantinople)FloodBob Nyswonger 
Bryan FerryWalk a Mile in My ShoesAnother Time, Another PlaceSteve RosenJoe South cover (R.I.P Joe)
9Dickey LeeLaurie45Steve RosenStrange things happen in this world …
10Klaus NomiTotal EclipseUrgh! A Music WarSteve RosenSpeaking of strange things …
11Keith EmersonHonky Tonk Train Blues45Bill FrostFrom Keith's boogie woogie period
12Stanley ClarkeWe Supply45Bill Frost 
13 Bill WithersGrandma's Hands / Use MeLive at Carnegie HallPolly Campbell 
14 HawkwindWe Took the Wrong Step Years AgoIn Search of SpaceJim McNair 
15 Bryan FerryIt's My Party / A Hard Rain's a-Gonna FallThese Foolish ThingsJim McNair 
16 Rahsaan Roland KirkHere Comes the WhistlemanHere Comes the WhistlemanSteve Kemme 
17 Ornette ColemanFriends and NeighborsFriends and NeighborsSteve Kemme 
18 Amiri BarakaI Love MusicNew Music - New PoetrySteve Kemme 
19 Dickie GoodmanGerry Ford - A Special Report45Neil Sharrow 
20 Dickie GoodmanSoul President Number One45Neil Sharrow 
21 Dracula and VampiraI Only Have Eyes for YouSpike Jones in StereoNeil Sharrow 
22 UB-40The Earth Dies Screaming10" 45Bill Frost 
23 Joy DivisionLove Will Tear Us Apart45Joel from Louisville 
24 Bryan FerrySympathy for the DevilThese Foolish ThingsJim McNair 
25 They Might Be GiantsHot Cha / Women & MenFloodBob Nyswonger 
26 Ron WoodI Can't Stand the RainNow LookNeil Sharrow 
27 Bill WithersAin't No SunshineLive at Carnegie HallPolly Campbell 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Threatens America's Greatest Radio Station

WFMU's Blast of Hot Air Newsletter
October 31, 2012
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WFMU News: We Are Livin' a Dream. Unfortunately, it's not a Very Good One... Please Make a Disaster Recovery Pledge!

Record Fair is Cancelled and it's all Sandy's Fault
Due to the havoc, chaos, lack of electricity in NYC and general sludge based misery (who knew there was so much sludge in the world?) following Hurricane Sandy, we've had no choice but to call off the Record Fair. All dealers will be refunded their payments, and the Fair will return in the Fall of 2013. And this new 'Future Fair' will be even better, with flowing white robes, a teleportation booth and floating symetrical rings adorning everything. And a bonus performance from the recently cloned John Denver! We're very sorry about this, but the Metropolitan Pavilion has no power, mass transit in NYC is still not working and there are no estimates as to when electric or transit will return to normal and we don't want a whole Mad Max thing on our hands. We know you guys, give you half a chance and you'll go completely Road Warrior on us. Our apologies to anybody who is inconvenienced by this. You could replicate that Record Fair vibe at home by getting a stranger in a t-shirt that's too small for him to sit behind a table in your rumpus room and ignore you as you rifle through his Night Ranger out-takes. Try it, it's fun! All kidding aside, the cancellation of the record fair is a financial disaster for us: it turns an event that wouldve raised $70,000 into an event that loses almost that much. We've extended our silent fundraiser until November 17th in a valiant effort to remain solvent. Please make a disaster recovery pledge, the station has NEVER been in such a cash-poor state as it is now, due to the electrical damage we suffered from Sandy and the huge loss from the record fair:Pledge Here NOW. Please. Thank you.

Hurricane Sandy Kicks WFMU's Ass!

The aftermath of Frankenstorm (actually Frankenstorm was the name of the doctor, it really should be called Frankenstorm's Monster) left WFMU with no electricity in our Jersey City studios, and at BOTH of our FM transmitters (91.1 FM and 90.1 FM). We tried rubbing many balloons on our heads and holding it near the equipment, but no dice. For two days, we streamed WFMU in Exile from various DJs' homes, or the shanties and mini-vans that they call their 'homes'. Despite that shanty crack in the previous sentence, our DJ's are just the best and we perpetually salute their dedication. On Thursday morning, we resumed (semi-)normal programming after electricity was restored to our studios. And then reality started settling in, as we discovered tons of critical equipment that was fried by the electrical chaos that Sandy hurled our way. And both of our FM transmitters are still down.

Fortunately, everybody from the WFMU staff is safe, and miraculously WFMU's basement did not flood, despit the Hudson River coming within 50 feet of our front door. We credit our lack of flooding to our slavish worship of Ahpuch and Thamuz, plus that carp we sacrificed (delicious). The photo above is Station Manager Ken attempting to get to WFMU via his bike during the end of the storm. Not seen in picture: tears. Meanwhile, the misery and desperation in our community is mind boggling. The environment around Hudson County, Staten Island,  Rockaway, lower Manhattan and Brooklyn is akin to the film The Road. Or The Walking Dead. No, it's Road Warrior.. Wait, it's actually a bit more like The Road. Nah, it really feels kind of like The Day After Tomorrow, but with the soundtrack to The Road. With the flashback sequences of Terminator 2. But with a fat governor instead of a killer liquid robot. But with your help, we will make it feel like Herbie Goes Bananas real soon. Please help!

Silent Fundraiser Extended
With all the damaged gear we're discovering, and with the cancellation of the Record Fair,WFMU desperately needs your support. Our silent fundraiser will be extended a few extra weeks, giving us more time to raise the funds we need to get through the next few months and to hopefully make up for lost income due to the Record Fair going kaput. Pledge now to help us get through this very difficult time. Money can't buy you love, but it can buy transmitter codecs, computer servers, and all the other stuff a radio station needs to regain (ab)normalcy.

WFMU's RadioVision Festival was a success
Enough bad news, let's talk about happier times. WFMU's 2012 RadioVision Festival was a huge success, thanks to Benjamen Walker and all of our panelists and special guests. The funnel cake in the shape of Art Bell was a roaring success and, despite rumors to the contrary, Bachman Turner Overdrive failed to perform. Heidi Madagame of WCBN wrote up some nice blog posts about the conference. We will be posting audio clips from the conference soon.

Off-Mic DJ News

Dave Mandl just had this article published in the Rumpus on the Ancient Tradition of the Sacrilegious Cover Song, from "The Beatles to Ol' Dirty Bastard" (that Beatles cover of Shimmy Shimmy Ya is particularly nasty). Also, section hog Dave Mandl, published a review of the Touch.30 festival at Issue Project Room (celebrating the 30th birthday of the Touch label), in the current issue of the Wire. It's not available online, unfortunately. Look for it at your local newsstand, if it isn't underwater.

Kurt Gottschalk's latest production effort is a collaboration between guitarist Loren Connors, singer Suzanne Langille and painter MP Landis. Kurt selected paintings by Landis and projected them in the studio and Connors and Langille responded in sound. (Hence the title 'Four Dogs Playing Poker'. Note: This isn't true). The resulting recording is the pair's first duo recording in 14 years. CD and 7" single on colored vinyl available here.

Sat Nov 3: Jesse Jarnow may speak at the Hoboken Historical Museum, (if it isnt underwater) reading from Big Day Coming: Yo La Tengo & the Rise of Indie Rock and expanding on the unlikely parallels between McCarty's and Maxwell's, two Hoboken bars separated by two blocks (and 130 years) whose clienteles would trigger profound changes in American popular culture. 1301 Hudson Street, 4pm, free. Though as Hoboken currently resembles Aquaman's holiday home and the lost city of Atlantis combined, you might want to double check that it's still happening.

Fri, Nov 9: Irwin Chusid will feature Raymond Scott recordings and discuss the life of the legendary composer as the guest of Brian Carpenter on WZBC, Boston College Radio, from 7-10pm. Chusid has managed the Scott Archives since 1991 and is the foremost authority on the great composer/inventor/genius/recreates the sound of an anvil being dropped on a cartoon horse-er.

Gaylord Fields will be in London DJing, MCing, presenting a Fake Beatles lecture, and hosting a pop quiz as part of the Chickfactor 20: For the Love of Pop concerts on November 16-18. There will almost certainly be a riot of some sort as they love riots over there. It's like a religion to them. Take protection.

Mr. Fine Wine's Fall 2012 Greasy Popcorn tour. Fri Nov 2,Munich, Deeper Shade @the Atomic Café, w/DJs Leo and Hannes. Sat Nov 3 : Berlin, At the Soul Inn @the Lido, 23hrs, 10 euros, w/Cody Chesnutt and DJs Christian Göbel andKristian Auth. Sun Nov 4: Leipzig, No Twistin on Sunday @Cafe Waldi with DJ Chris Redlich. Thurs Nov 8: Bruges, ’T Zwart Huis, Kuipersstraat 23, 22hrs, 8 euros with DJs Laurence B. (Slick Club) and Betty Ford (Moka Soul Collective).  Fri Nov 9: Brussels, Popcorn Oldies Night @Le Cercle Des Voyageurs, Rue Des Grands Carmes 18, 22hrs, 8 euros. With DJs Jr. the Canadian, Laurence B., and Raphi Scorcher. Sat  Nov 10:Manchester, UK, No Way Out @the Old Nags Head, 19 Jacksons Row. Again, the UK dates will almost certainly feature rioting of some description. And expect cheese in Bruges.

Mr. Fine Wine will also DJ at Botanica every Wednesday except November 7th (when he will be somewhere between Leipzig and Bruges and will probably be eating something doughy), at theCommodore in Williamburg, Brooklyn on November 16th and at Home Sweet Home in Manhattan on the 30th of November.

Dave the Spazz will spin at Union Pool every Sunday this month, as he does most Sundays. Dave is also starting a monthly series at Videology, the Dave the Spazz Movie Club, which will show the weirdest, wildest movies, short subjects, and forgotten ephemera with occasional guest hosts and various surprises. The series kicks off on Saturday, November 24th with a rare unspooling of Phil Tucker's1953 epic, Robot Monster in "Tru-Stereo Three Dimension Process" (crummy red and green 3-D glasses provided free). PLUS!--Voltaire the Chimp and Thinko the Robot tangle it up in the smutty European-only sequence from Sex Kittens Go To College (1960), the Marquis Chimps recount the tale of Cinderella, 1930's legend Mr. Jiggs caddies on a golf course, and select 16mm sound chimp movies direct from the Dave the Spazz archives. If you can find a more chimp-filled night of entertainment in the tri-state area, you'll win a prize! A chimp!

Sites for Sore Eyes

No one knows how much money musicians are making now
Columbia Magazine has a nice article on Laura Cantrell
Lamin Fofana's African Inspired Techno is Dutty
"Guns and Roses" at Neil Young's Bridge School Benefit recently
Here is the first ever recording of a musical performance Or is it? The oldest recording of someone singing Or maybe it's this one Contender for the earliest known musical recording.
Spherical Vinyl Record
Keep WFMU's Rays from Penetrating Your Body
Watch a guitarist quit his band while onstage
Learning to Love Yoko Ono
Turning Weapons into Instruments
Fun Fake Facts About Science
Giorgio Moroder posts remixes and rarities on Soundcloud
Lou Reed's Radio Show on BBC
Stacked Images from the International Space Station
Pop Songs Funeral Favorites
Dick Clark archives up on Youtube
Documentary about the Icelandic Phallological Museum
Steampunk Guitars
Giant Cardboard Radio
Neneh Cherry covers "Dream Baby Dream" to awesome effect
Artist draws himself after taking almost every drug known to man
Scientists Grow Bacon from Stem Cells

(Contributors the the urls include Andrea Silenzi,Woody Sullender, Dan Bodah, Irene Trudel, Doug Schulkind, Benjamen Walker, Brian Turner, Kurt Gottschalk, Mike Lupica, Rich Hazelton, Evan "Funk" Davies, Chris T, Robin Edgarton, Irwin Chusid, Steinski)

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Vinyl Night Cincinnati Will Be Live-Tweeting on Tuesday

Important Vinyl Night Announcement!

This Tuesday, Oct. 30, starting at 7:30 p.m., Vinyl  Night Cincinnati will be live-tweeting its October meeting -- due to overwhelming public demand.

 Just go to Twitter and sign up to follow VinylNightCincy. We may even take requests.


Steve and Neil

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Elliott Murphy Receives Prestigious French Award


October 5, 2012 -  NEW YORK - Internationally acclaimed American singer-songwriter and author Elliott Murphy was awarded the prestigious Medaille de Vermeil de la Ville de Paris in recognition of his outstanding career achievements in a formal ceremony on October 1st, at the Hotel de Ville (City Hall).  The ceremony was presided over by Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoë.  Past recipients of the award have included Jane Fonda, Gianni Versace, Johnny Depp and Kevin Liles.
A Long Island native who has been living in Paris, France for over twenty years, Elliott began his career in New York City in 1974 with the release of his classic Polydor Records debut, Aquashow.  Murphy went on to release albums on RCA and Columbia before relocating to France where his career has flourished. 

Elliott has over 30 albums to his credit, 12 of which have received 4-stars from the All Music Guide, among much other critical acclaim. Guests on his albums have included Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel and Phil Collins.  In addition to his extensive music credits, Elliott has published a number of novels and short story collections, and has written for Rolling Stone, Spin and various European magazines.  

Elliott  continues to tour in Europe, Japan and the USA and has often joined his long time friend Bruce Springsteen on stage in Paris.  Elliott and his band The Normandy All Stars have an American tour planned for the East Coast in December 2012.

(Courtesy of a press release from Pamela Murphy PR. Photo is Murphy, left, with Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe.)

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

From the new series by the Kitchen Sisters: Submerged Turntable

Monday, September 24, 2012




No Time Left to Start Again/The B and D of R 'n' R on View in the Modern Wing
September 21, 2012 through January 6, 2013

The music of 20th-century America--folk, gospel, blues, and rock 'n' roll--can be seen, heard, and researched this fall in the Art Institute of Chicago's Modern Wing with an innovative installation by veteran artist Allen Ruppersberg, who has navigated a distinctive and singular path through contemporary art for more than four decades. No Time Left to Start Again/The B and D of R 'n' R is Ruppersberg's most complex work in nearly 20 years. Across 200 feet of pegboard hung with hundreds of photocopied snapshots, record covers, and other materials, the captivating survey--from blues singers of the early 1900s through guitarists of the 1960s--is presented in the Carolyn S. and Matthew Bucksbaum Gallery (Gallery 188) of the Modern Wing from September 21, 2012 through January 6, 2013. It is the first large-scale work by Ruppersberg ever to be seen in Chicago and a long overdue opportunity to encounter the work of one of the country's most influential artists.

No Time Left to Start Again/The B and D of R 'n' R draws on Ruppersberg's career-long engagement with popular culture in books and magazines, photographs, and music. In a massive effort, the artist has spent more than three years collecting thousands of vinyl records and music-related amateur snapshots, adding these finds to a set of obituaries for musicians that he has been culling for more than 20 years. Scanned, printed out, and laminated, these nostalgia-laden materials are hung on pegboards arranged in five sections, each 32 feet long. The pegboards, and cardboard boxes that are dispersed in front of them on the floor, are all silkscreened in vibrant colors with either pennants or bulls-eyes, and marked with enigmatically arranged stock phrases, concluding with one that balances between cynicism and hope: "And the Race Goes On and On."

Four of the five sections in No Time Left to Start Again treat music lyrics ("An Understanding And Appreciation of Poetry"); music in the home ("You'll Miss Me When I'm Gone") and church ("White As Snow"); and the rise of rock 'n' roll ("Fun, Fun, Fun"). The first, introductory section, located directly outside the space, contains elements of all the others. As Ruppersberg describes his vast work: "No Time Left to Start Again is a sort of giant, deluxe walk-in boxed set of one possible history of Rock and Roll. But, it could also be the museum exhibition of a passionate collector or some kind of expanded archival display...or many other possibilities, including a work of art." To facilitate an understanding of this archive, a couch and two reading stations hold binders with many of the laminated pages for individual perusal. An iPad, meanwhile, allows visitors to listen to any of the more than 125 songs remastered and re-recorded by Ruppersberg, in a set of eight albums that he has designed, produced, and also included in the installation.

Raised in suburban Cleveland and enamored with animation and commercial art since a childhood visit to Disneyland, Allen Ruppersberg (born 1944) graduated from Chouinard Art Institute (now the California Institute of the Arts) in 1967. After a brief stint as a painter, Ruppersberg soon turned to the material of everyday commercial and vernacular life. A pioneer of Conceptual Art, Ruppersberg cooked food for visitors to his café (1969); rented and ran a hotel for one year (Al's Grand Hotel , 1971); and developed uses of text and recycled imagery in the 1970s that foretold the return of narrative in contemporary art, as well as the rise of appropriation and postmodernist strategies. As an artist and a teacher, Ruppersberg has influenced artists working with the American vernacular such as Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, and Rachel Harrison.

For many years an "artist's artist," Ruppersberg has gained renewed acclaim recently with his participation in museum exhibitions such as In and Out of Amsterdam (2009) and, earlier this year, Light Years: Conceptual Art and the Photograph, 1964-1977 , at the Art Institute. He is currently finishing a prestigious one-year term as United States Artist Fellow. This is his first solo museum exhibition since You and Me or the Art of Give and Take, at the Santa Monica Museum of Art (2009).

Allen Ruppersberg: No Time Left to Start Again/The B and D of R 'n' R is organized by the Art Institute of Chicago and curated by Matthew S. Witkovsky, Richard and Ellen Sandor Chair and Curator, Department of Photography at the Art Institute. This exhibition is generously supported by the David C. and Sarajean Ruttenberg Arts Foundation and the Auxiliary Board of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Image: Allen Ruppersberg. No Time Left to Start Again: The B and D of R 'n' R (detail showing one of five sections), 2010-2012. Courtesy of the artist and Margo Leavin Gallery, Los Angeles

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

August Vinyl Night Playlist

2EsqueritaGet Back Baby / Hole in My HeartEsquerita!Polly CampbellWho came first, Esquerita or Little Richard?
3Mtume Umoja EnsembleBaba Hengates (excerpt)Alkebu-Lan, Land of the BlacksSteve Kemme 
Gary Bartz Ntu TroopUhuru SasaHarlem Bush Music/UhuruSteve Kemme 
Joy of CookingLet Love Carry You Along / Home Town ManCastlesRay OwensTerry Garthwaite & Toni Brown
6Jim PulteI Remember You / Ten Miles East of TownShimmy She Roll, Shimmy She ShakeJim McNair 
Pointer SistersFairytaleThat's A PlentyGary JanssenA country music hit for this group known for R&B and Jazz
8Candi StatonIt's Not Easy Letting GoHis HandsGary Janssen 
Albert BrooksRewriting the National Anthem45Steve Rosen 
10 Nolan Strong & the DiablosThe Wind45Steve RosenCovered most famously by Laura Nyro & LaBelle
11The PlattersMaggie Doesn't Work Here AnymoreRhythm & Blues the Best Vocal GroupsSteve Rosen 
12 Jennifer WarnesLove HurtsJennifer WarnesDavid Little 
13 Keef Hartley BandJust to CryHalfbreedDavid Little 
14 "Thumper" (George) JonesHeartbreak Hotel / The Race is OnCountry Rockers Vol. 4Mary Henkener 
15 ForeignerI'll Get Even with YouHead GamesBrian PowersForeigner's Mick Jones is not related to Thumper Jones
16The StatesCry if You Want To (Over the Edge)The StatesBrian Powers 
17 The YoungbloodsIt's a Lovely DayRock FestivalDick Swaim 
18 Willie BoboSunshine SupermanEvil WaysDick SwaimAfro-Cuban arrangement of the Donovan hit
19Pat PaulsenTwo Cows / I Will Not Run / Simple SaviorPat Paulsen for PresidentNeil SharrowStill surprisingly relevant, even though it was written in 1968
20Brinsley SchwarzDon't Lose Your Grip on LoveNervous on the RoadNeil SharrowNick Lowe's first group, 1972
21Willie BoboWalk Away ReneeEvil WaysDick Swaim 
22 Ella FitzgeraldLittle White LiesElla Swings LightlyGary Janssen 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

For the jazz lovers among us, some info from Vinyl Night regular, Paul Horn, about a major reissue of the work of saxophonist Pepper Adams, assembled by by an old friend of Paul's:


Friday, August 10, 2012

July Vinyl Night Playlist

2The MotifsJulieCity Walls (Southampton compilation)Steve Gibbs 
Exploding SeagullsRing Pull/TakesCity Walls (Southampton compilation)Steve Gibbs 
The Balancing ActGeneratorCurtainsBob Nyswonger 
The FrostHelp Me BabyRock and Roll MusicBob Nyswonger 
Public Image Ltd (PIL)One DropOne Drop EPSteve Spatt 
Maureen TuckerSpam AgainLife in Exile After AbdicationSteve Spatt 
Sonny RollinsI'm An Old CowhandWay Out WestSteve KemmeAlbum cover was Mel Brooks' inspiration for "Blazing Saddles"
9Lester BowieIt's Howdy Doody TimeThe Great PretenderSteve Kemme 
10 John ColtraneChim Chim Cher-eeThe John Coltraine Quartet PlaysSteve Kemme 
11 The ShoesBound to Be a ReasonBoomerangLuann Gibbs 
12 The Jazz ButcherPartytime / DrinkBloody NonsenseLuann Gibbs 
13 Don AgratiBloodstream / Hollywood SongHomegrownNeil SharrowDon Grady of "My Three Sons" (R.I.P. June 27)
14SqueezeAnother Nail in My HeartTiny Collector's Edition 5" singleRon Lanham 
15 Strawberry SwitchbladeTrees and Flowers45Ron Lanham 
16 Madeline KahnI'm So Tired45Steve Rosenfrom "Blazing Saddles"
17Wet WillieStreet Corner SerenadeManorismsSteve Rosen 
18 Jerry Hahn BrotherhoodEarly Bird Café / One Man WomanThe Jerry Hahn BrotherhoodPolly Campbell 
19 Doc WatsonBlue Ridge Mountain BluesPickin' the BluesGary JanssenR.I.P. Doc Watson May 29
20Doc WatsonLittle Darling Pal of MineSouthboundGary Janssen 
21 Kitty WellsIt Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk AngelsThe Kitty Wells StoryGary JanssenR.I.P. Kitty Wells July 16
22The RascalsLittle DovePeaceful WorldDavid Little 
23 Sandy RogersGo RosaFool For Love soundtrackDavid Little 
24 MountainTo My Friend45Jim McNair 
25 Leo KottkeFurry Jane / Circle 'Round the SunCircle 'Round the SunJim McNair 

Thursday, June 28, 2012

June Vinyl Night Playlist

2Rocky HillHPDRocky HillSteve Spatt 
Lou Christie (Sacco)Paint America LovePaint America LoveSteve Spatt 
Stephane Grappelli & David GrismanMistyLiveMary Henkener 
Kris JensenTorture45Steve Rosen 
Dale WardLetter from Sherry45Steve Rosen 
Larry FinneganDear One45Steve Rosen 
Archie Bell & the DrellsKnock On WoodTighten UpCarol Appel 
Siegel-Schwall BandHush HushThe Siegel-Schwall BandCarol Appel 
10 The Piano ChoirJaboobie's MarchHandscapesSteve Kemme 
11 Stanley CowellAbscretionsMUSA - Ancestral StreamsSteve Kemme 
12 The Stanley BrothersLet the Church Roll OnSacred Songs from the HillsBrian Powers 
13 Heartless BastardsLate in the NightArrowBrian Powers 
14 Blue CheerJust a Little Bit45Jim McNair 
15 FlipperHa Ha HaSex Bomb Baby!Jim McNair 
16 Bee GeesOdessa (City on the Black Sea) / Suddenly / Whisper WhisperOdessaDavid Little 
17 Billy StewartSummertime / Over the RainbowGreatest SidesNeil Sharrow 
18 Rockin' SidneyYou Ain't Nothing But Fine / Zydeco Lucy GoGive Me a Good Time WomanRon Lanham 
19 Status QuoMystery SongBlue For YouBill Frost 
20 Laurel & HardyTrail of the Lonesome PineOld FlamesBill Frost 
21 Joao Gilberto & Antonio Carlos JobimOne Note Samba / Doralice / Only in Your Arms / I'm Looking Over a 4 Leaf CloverGilberto/JobimPolly Campbell 
22 FlipperSex BombSex Bomb Baby!Jim McNair 
23 Sad CaféOn with the ShowMisplaced IdealsBill Frost 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

May Vinyl Night

2The TokensAnimal45Jim McNair 
Hamilton CampThis Wheel's On Fire45Jim McNair 
Jake HolmesSo CloseSo Close, So Very Far to GoDavid Little 
Bert SommerAmerica / SmileInside Bert SommerDavid LittleEarly performer at the first Woodstock Festival
6Joe "King" CarrascoCaca de Vaca / BuenaJoe "King" Carrasco & the CrownsPolly Campbell 
MekonsThis Sporting Life12" 45Steve SpattJon Langford coming to town this week
8MekonsMemphis, EgyptRock & RollSteve Spatt 
Pete TownshendGive Blood / Face the FaceWhite City, A NovelWoody Woodburn 
10 Ray DaviesGoing SoloReturn to WaterlooBob Nyswonger 
11 The BearsTrustRise & ShineBob NyswongerBob's band with Adrian Belew, Rob Fetters & Chris Arduser
12Turley RichardsI Heard the Voice of JesusTurley RichardsSteve RosenEarly work on Cincinnati's Fraternity Records (as Richard Turley) got him into the Rockabilly Hall of Fame
13Johnny BurnetteCincinnati Fireball45Carol Appel 
14 Lee DorseyMy Old Car45Carol Appel 
15 Jimmy JohnsonTwelve Bar BluesJohnson's WhacksLou Webb 
16 Jackie LomaxSour Milk SeaIs This What You WantLou WebbWritten/produced by George Harrison, with Paul, Ringo, Clapton playing along
17Dizzy Gillespie OrchestraCubana Be / Cubana Bop / MantecaThe Greatest of Dizzy GillespieSteve KemmeFeaturing Chano Pozo
18Paul Butterfield Blues BandBorn Under a Bad SignLivePaul Horn25th anniversary of Butterfield's death
19The FeeliesHigher GroundOnly LifePaul Horn 
20 Sensational Alex Harvey BandDogs of WarSAHB StoriesBill Frost 
21 Dave EdmundsCrawling from the WreckageRepeat When NecessaryBill Frost 
22 Flamin GrooviesShake Some ActionShake Some ActionNeil Sharrow 
23 Doug Dillard & Gene ClarkDon't Come Rollin'The Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & ClarkNeil Sharrow 
24 Blues BrothersB Movie Boxcar BluesBriefcase Full of BluesBrian PowersR.I.P. Donald "Duck" Dunn
25James BrownYou Gave My Heart a Song to SingThinking About Little Willie John & a Few Nice ThingsBrian Powers 
26 Salon Bon TonFire Sale (Everything Must Go)Flexi discViv VinylMichael Enright
27West Coast Pop Art Experimental BandHelp, I'm a Rock45Viv VinylZappa cover

Friday, April 27, 2012

April Vinyl Night Playlist

2Chandler TravisStill Wanna Make a RecordThe Petite 7 Inch RecordNeil SharrowRecord Store Day limited edition
3David Greenberger with Birdsongs of the MesozoicHow Records Are MadeThe Petite 7 Inch RecordNeil SharrowRecord Store Day limited edition
4Ruth WallisLong Playing DaddyThe Petite 7 Inch RecordNeil SharrowRecord Store Day limited edition
5Blues MagoosWe Ain't Got Nothing Yet45Paul Horn 
UntouchablesLebanon / Stepping StoneLive and Let Dance EPPaul Horn 
Four SeasonsAmerican Crucifixion & Resurrection / Mrs. Stately's GardenGenuine Imitation Life GazetteSteve KemmeTheir answer to Pet Sounds and Sgt Pepper
8Tooba Blooze7,000,000 Miles / Stumble of the Fumble BeeTooba Blooze EPLuann GibbsDayton band
9Robert JohnsonI'll Be WaitingClose Personal FriendSteve GibbsMemphis guitarist, not the blues legend
10Lieutenant PigeonMoldy Old Dough45Steve Gibbs 
11 RockpileA Knife & a Fork / Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)Seconds of PleasurePolly CampbellDave Edmunds & Nick Lowe
12Little RichardGet Rich Quick / Why Did You Leave MeThe Implosive Little RichardViv VinylEarly '50s recordings
13Joey RamoneRock & Roll is the Answer45Steve SpattRecord Store Day release on red vinyl
14Sonic's Rendezvous BandCity Slang45Steve SpattFred "Sonic" Smith
15Happy & Artie TraumGolden BirdHappy & Artie TraumSteve RosenLevon Helm tribute
16Mynah BirdsIt's My Time / Go On and Cry45Steve RosenRecord Store Day release, early Neil Young/Rick James band
17Levon HelmSing Sing Sing (Make a Better World)Levon Helm & the RCO All-StarsNeil SharrowLevon Helm tribute
18Illinois Speed PressCountry Dumplin' / Sadly Out of PlaceDuetJim McNairPaul Cotton & Kal David
19The TeardropsTonight I'm Gonna Fall in Love Again45Ron LanhamEarly '60s girl group from Cincinnati's Hughes High School
20The FreshiesI Can't Get "Bouncing Babies" by The Teardrop Explodes45Ron Lanham 
21 The Teardrop ExplodesBouncing BabiesKilimanjaroRon Lanham 
22 Bootsy's Rubber BandRoto-RooterBootsy? Player of the YearBrian PowersBootsy bought his first house in Kennedy Heights, not far from HD Beans!
23Magnolia MountainThe Hand of ManTown and CountryBrian Powers 
24 SpiritDark Eyed WomanClearDavid Little 
25 Paul SimonThe Late Great Johnny Ace / Rene & Georgette Magritte with Their Dog After the WarHearts and BonesDavid Little 
26 Iron ButterflyBest Years of Our Lives / Shady LadyMetamorphosisWoody Woodburn 
27 PauletteRecord Store OwnersThe Petite 7 Inch RecordNeil SharrowRecord Store Day limited edition
28Paul SimonAllergiesHearts and BonesDavid Little 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

March Vinyl Night Playlist

2Robert WyattI'm a Believer45Joel from LouisvilleIn the vein of a Davy Jones tribute
3SubterraneansMy Flamingo45Joel from LouisvilleNick Kent
4It's ImmaterialDriving Away from Home (Jim's Tune)45Bill Frost 
Billy CobhamEast BayLife & TimesBill Frost 
Baby RayThe House on Soul Hill / Saving My Love for YouWhere Soul LivesGerry Itzkoff 
Edith PiafHymne a l'AmourLes Plus Grands SuccesMonica Solomon 
Candi StatonI'd Rather Be an Old Man's Sweetheart45John Brengelman 
Hank Ballard & the DappsHow You Gonna Get Respect (When You Haven't Cut Your Process Yet)45John Brengelman 
10 Hank Ballard & the MidnightersHere Comes the Hurt45John Brengelman 
11 The RemainsDon't Look BackThe RemainsSteve Spatt 
12 CanI'm So Green / SpoonEge BamyasiSteve Spatt 
13 The GTO's (Girls Together Outrageously)Kansas and the BTO's/Circular CirculationPermanent DamageNeil SharrowMusic by Davy Jones
14John HiattRidin' with the King (live)Riot with HiattNeil Sharrow 
15 Herbie NicholsChit Chattin' / The Lady Sings the BluesHerbie Nichols (Blue Note 2-LP)Steve Kemme 
16 Al DiMeolaLand of the Midnight SunLand of the Midnight SunWoody Woodburn 
17 HiroshimaGoGoWoody Woodburn 
18 Charlie DoreYou Should Hear (How She Talks About You)ListenDavid Little 
19 The FlipsMonday Monday/Walk Away ReneeWhat's In the Bright Pink Box?David Little 
20 Washington SquaresNew GenerationThe Washington SquaresDavid Little 
21 Patti SmithAin't It Strange/Face MoneyHard Nipples (live bootleg)Vivien Vinyl 
22 Adam Faith & the RoulettesIt's Alright45Paul Horn 
23 Gang of FourEther / Damaged GoodsEntertainment!Paul Horn 
24 Martin MullDueling TubasLive! In Your Living RoomSteve Rosen 
25 The "You-Know-Who Group"My Love (Roses Are Red)ShindigSteve Rosen 
26 HotlegsNeanderthal Man / You Didn't Like It, Because You Didn't Think of It45Steve Rosenpre-10cc
27Charles SpurlingMr. Cool45John BrengelmanKing Records
28True BelieversFoggy Notion (Search and Destroy)It's So Hard to Be Cool in an Uncool WorldJoel from Louisville 
29 It's ImmaterialTrains, Boats, Planes45Bill Frost 

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New app for locating independent record stores

Hello friends,

You are receiving this newsletter because you either love music, write about music, or most likely both! I wanted to let you know about a free app for both iPhone & Android that was launched this past December called The Vinyl District. Its the first app specifically for fans of vinyl, and for folks who would like to support that fast vanishing breed, the brick & mortar independent record store. And, with less than a week before Record Store Day 2012, now is a good time to know about it if you don't know.

Besides having a feed from the website, The Vinyl District, the app features record store finding tool which is keyword searchable (helpful when planning a trip to a strange city), or GPS-based. Please have a look & take a quick tour here. We currently have about stores listed in 25 countries, and more stores are being added everyday. The app also features a calendar for record fairs in the US & UK, and a social aspect as well. Users can check-in to stores, leave comments about them, and also discuss purchases. Our users have also not been shy about helping us source information about stores opening, closing, or moving. This has opened up an entire new platform for vinyl & music lovers to communicate and support what matters most to us in real time, all of the time, every day.

Read what NPR's All Songs Considered had to say about the app here"...the iPhone and Android, the free app, created by contributors to a music blog of the same name, combines the Vinyl District's collective knowledge with online databases and user submissions to find record stores around the country. For the user, a geo-location system offers a bird's eye view of their neighborhood and points them in the direction of the closest place to buy CDs or vinyl."

"… it’ll direct you to your nearest independent music outlet, and with the US and 400 British record shops included – plus further coverage promised for Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Canada and beyond – full global reach can only be a matter of time. It’s free too, so take the cash you could’ve spent and buy some records.” - Mojo Magazine, March 2012

And Gizmodo said, "This is my favorite kind of tool, one that accomplishes a practical task with aplomb and few frills to get in the way. ...the next time I'm in an unfamiliar city with some time on my hands, I'm busting this thing out."

All that said, with Record Store Day 2012 fast approaching (although we think about & buy records much more often than one day a year!), we hope for two things: One, that you'll try the app for yourself, and tell your friends about it if you like it. And two, that you'll mention it either in a story or column...

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me directly at mobile@thevinyldistrict.com. I appreciate your time & hope you have a good weekend!

Tim Broun
New York NY

Helpful links:
iTunes: http://bit.ly/tVIBP6
Android Marketplace: http://bit.ly/sx5hCm
The Vinyl District: http://bit.ly/rvzYNs