Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Info on Jane Siberry from Woody Woodburn

You can buy her music directly from her at her site for a "whatever you feel like paying" fee.

Also, You Tube for Mimi on the beach

(And, this from the Blog administrator's bureau, you might also enjoy watching/hearing her lovely "The Life Is the Red Wagon," as performed by the choir at Presteign Heights Elementary School.)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Record Store Day - do some shopping before the next Vinyl Night!

Record Store Day 2011 is coming on April 16. Local participating stores include Everybody's, Shake It and Mole's. Here's a link to the list of special vinyl releases which will be out that day.

Have "VINYL" Will Travel

Darren's Vinyl Night Homework For March

Here Are the Sonics

The Sonics "Have Love Will Travel" (1965)

This song covered by the Black Keys from Akron, Ohio (2002)
It was a spot on cover of the Sonics and used in a car commercial recently.
Watch & Listen:

Richard Berry 'Have Love Will Travel" (1959)
Richard Berry is the original songwriter with
Johnny & his son Shuggie Otis both session musicians on this song!

From the same album he covered the R&B Standard "I Am Bewildered"
which was made popular by Cincinnati's own James Brown!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Is the next Vinyl Night generation already in the wings?|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

March Vinyl Night Play List

Hello fellow vinyl nighters. Below you will see our new format for the vinyl night play list. We are still working on some issues with the links section, but for now we feel this is a clear, concise method for posting and viewing. Please continue to share your links and information with the cincinnati vinyl night community through Steve Rosen, Neil Sharrow, or JP Pfister.

1 Artist Title Album/45 Presenter Links Notes
2 Jane Siberry Symmetry, Follow Me, Mimi on the Beach No Borders Here LP Woody Woodburn
Dee Dee King Funky Man 12" single Steve Rosen Actually Dee Dee Ramone
4 The Flying Lizards Then He Kissed Me, Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On Top Ten LP Steve Rosen
George Adams You Name It Jazz a Confronto LP Steve Kemme
Anthony Braxton 106 Kelvin M-16 Solo - Live @ Moers Festival LP Steve Kemme
Zal Yanovsky Alive and Well in Argentina Alive and Well in Argentina LP Steve Spatt
The Vagrants Respect, I Can't Make a Friend The Great Lost Album LP Steve Spatt
The Sonics Have Love Will Travel Here Are the Sonics LP Darren
10  Richard Berry Have Love Will Travel, Bewildered Great R&B Oldies Volume 12 LP Darren with Johnny & Shuggie Otis
11 Van Morrison It's All in the Game/You Know What They're Writing About Live @ the Grand Opera House Belfast LP Polly Campbell written by U.S. Vice President Charles Dawes
12 Jack Hardy Houston Street, Locked Up in Feelings The Mirror of My Madness LP Neil Sharrow
13  Richard Hell & the Voidoids Blank Generation Blank Generation LP Nathan Ginther
14  New York Dolls Stranded in the Jungle Too Much Too Soon LP Nathan Ginther
15  Dave Frishberg Van Lingle Mungo Songbook, Volume 1 David Little
16  Tom Paxton My Favorite Spring Up and Up David Little
17  Duane Eddy Rebel Walk, Because They're Young, Kommotion, Peter Gunn Vintage Years Viv Rusche
18  Madame Cathy Berberian Ticket to Ride, Yellow Submarine Revolution LP Steve Rosen
19  Tiny Tim & Eleanor Baruchian I Got You Babe You Are What You Eat Soundtrack LP Neil Sharrow
20  Sarah Borges & the Broken Singles The Day We Met 45 Neil Sharrow
21  Archie Shepp Damn If I Know (The Stroller) The Way Ahead LP Steve Kemme
22  Lucy Simon All I Have to Do is Dream, Sally Go Round the Sun Lucy Simon LP David Little
23  Mickey Jupp Making Friends Juppanese Neil Sharrow
Stiff Records, produced by Nick Lowe and backed up by Rockpile

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Links to Nathan Ginther's Vinyl Night Picks

New York Dolls, Richard Hell and the Voidoids

By Nathan Ginther

The New York Dolls - Stranded in the Jungle.
We all know who The Dolls influenced. They were pioneers of punk and glam rock of nearly every permutation to come. During their original run they were less appreciated than celebrated. In hindsight, they were important. I'm slightly more interested in the pop and girl groups of the 1960's who influenced The Dolls. Here is a link to an earlier version of Stranded in the Jungle as performed by The Orlons.

Richard Hell and the Voidoids - Blank Generation
This is the title track from the first Voidoids album. After taking a backseat to the songwriting of Tom Verlaine in Television, Richard Hell combined his frenetic bass skills with his achingly sincere lyrical style on the 1977 Blank Generation LP. Each of the 12 tracks on this album is a high point, but I'll call special attention to 'Down at the Rock and Roll Club' and 'I'm Your Man'. Here is a version of the former.


Information on Steve Kemme's Always-Superlative Jazz Picks at Vinyl Night, March 22, 2011

George Adams
George Adams had a highly distinctive sound on tenor saxophone. He was grounded in rhythm and blues and in jazz traditions, but was comfortable taking his music “outside.” He also played flute and occasionally sang the blues in a gritty style. There’s good bio and discographical info about him on the link below. Also check out his performances on youtube.

Anthony Braxton
Since emerging on the Chicago music scene in the late 1960s, Anthony Braxton (no relation to Toni Braxton) has been one of the most prominent members of the post-Coltrane jazz avant-garde. His music is both cerebral and emotion-charged. The link below will provide info about his life and discography.

Archie Shepp
Archie Shepp began his career in the early 1060s New York City jazz avant-garde scene. He was one of the most politically-conscious jazz musicians during that racially contentious period, John Coltrane helped him get a recording contract with Impulse Records. See the link below for more info.
(Photo at top of Anthony Braxton)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Vinyl Night Is Approaching -- March 22, 2011


It will begin at 7:30 p.m. next Tuesday, March 22, at the usual place, H.D. Beans and Bottles Cafe, 6721 Montgomery Rd. on the Silverton/Kennedy Heights border. (For directions, visit or call 793-6036.) As usual, we're equipped to play LPs and 45s -- everyone will have time to play and advocate on behalf of two-three older vinyl cuts (or one or two longer compositions) that with time have been forgotten, dismissed or underappreciated. Or, something newer that has fallen through the cracks.

Any questions, contact me (at or Vinyl Night co-founder/technical director Neil Sharrow (at


Steve Rosen

(Photo is of LaLaBrooks, lead singer on Crystals' classics "Then He Kissed Me" and "Da Doo Ron Ron," taken at last year's Ponderosa Stomp festival in New Orleans by Joseph Rosen, who is not a relation. For more information about his photos or about this year's fest, visit

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Hank Ballard vs. Chubby Checker

An interesting article posted in a forum about Chubby Checker covering Hank Ballard's "Twist, provided by Vinyl Night devotee Darren Shick.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

King Records Artist William "Beau Dollar" Bowman Has Died

King Records' Recording Artist William "Beau Dollar" Bowman Has Died
William "Beau Dollar" Bowman, a Hamilton-born singer/drummer who recorded at King Records in the 1960s with both The Dapps and Beau Dollar & The Coins, has died in Cincinnati after an extended illness. Until recently, he had been living in Florida. He was 69; information is available at

According to a Wikipedia entry, "Beau Dollar & The Dapps were formed in Cincinnati in 1965, where they often played the famous Living Room nightclub. The band consisted of Bowman, Eddie Setser, Charles Summers, Tim Hedding, Ron Geisman, Les Asch, and David Parkinson. The band found success after being discovered by James Brown the same year they were formed. Under Brown's direction, the band produced their first single, "It's A Gas." However, Brown's long-running dispute with King caused the single to be shelved. At the same time, the band also worked with Hank Ballard, who had left The Midnighters in search of solo success. In 1967, they released two singles, "Bringing Up The Guitar" and "There Was A Time" with Alfred "Pee Wee" Ellis. The Dapps eventually broke up in 1969. Brown replaced the band with The Pacesetters, who eventually became the JB's. Beau Dollar & The Coins had some success with "Soul Serenade" in 1966 (a cover of the King Curtis 1964 single). Beau Dollar's only solo credited song was "Who Knows" (which is believed to have been backed by The Dapps) in 1970. Beau Dollar also played with Lonnie Mack in the early 60s."

However, that entry conflicts with information available on, so further research is necessary to establish Bowman's exact body of work. Discogs also points out that the Nashville guitarist/ songwriter Troy Seals also was in the Dapps for awhile, when he lived in Cincinnati. And the site lists Beau Dollar's "I'm Ready, I'm Ready (I Got Me Some Soul)/ At The Dark End Of The Street" as a 1969 release as well as 1970's "Who Knows."

Soul Serenade was included on the British multi-artist CD "A Cellarful of Soul," which said in accompanying notes: "Beau Dollar's single may have been produced and inspired by a white Cincinnati guitar hero, but the guys got the feel of King Curtis' 1964 hit 'Soul Serenade' just right for its 1966 soul loving audience. So much so that it became the theme tune for the UK's main black music radio show."

The record, released on Prime, was produced by Mack and is a guitar rave-up. Hear it at You Tube.

As the funk/soul/King Records revival has grown, interest in Bowman, as well as the Dapps, has grown. In an interview last year with CityBeat, Neal Sugarman of Brooklyn's Daptone Records said the Dapps were an inspiration for both the label and the name of its most successful act, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings.

(If you have more information, please contact

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

High Mountain Hoedown

David Little wants to share this link to information about a band he played at an earlier Vinyl Night, High Mountain Hoedown, which sounds little like its name and was founded by a Texas musician, Jerry Lynn Williams. This disc was a highlight of our early Vinyl Night sessions, and it's worth listening to by people who have joined later.


Friday, March 4, 2011

Set List from Feb. 22 Vinyl Night

Hatfield and the North: "Share It" and "Lounging There Trying" from The Rotters Club LP (Neil)
Stick Leg's (sic) and the Butchering Persian's (sic): "Flying Twist" and "The Wedding" from 45 (local 1962 recording on Hard Times) (John Brengelman)
The Students: "Everyday of the Week" from 45 (local 1958 recording on Note) (John Brengelman)
Booker T & the MGs: "Time is Tight" from 45 (Greg Reece)
Leo Kottke: "Beantime" from Greenhouse LP (Greg Reece)
Tom Robinson Band: "Up Against the Wall" from Power in the Darkness LP (Bill Frost)
links: ,
John Cooper Clarke: "Beasley Street" from Me and My Big Mouth LP (Bill Frost)
Mink de Ville: "'A' Train Lady" and "Soul Twist" from Return to Magenta LP (Steve Rosen)
Klaus Doldinger: "Handmade" and "Freedom Jazz Dance" from Doldinger Jubilee Concert LP (with Johnny Griffin & Brian Auger) (Chuck Young, from Scott Covrett's collection)
Freddy Cannon: "If You Were a Rock 'n' Roll Record" and "Palisades Park" from Explosive! LP (Steve Spatt, second song requested by Gerry Itzkoff)
The Coolies: "Mrs. Robinson" and "The Only Living Boy in New York" from Dig...? LP (Steve Spatt)
Marion Black: "Who Knows" from Eccentric Soul LP (recordings from the Capsoul label in Columbus OH) (Darren)
links: , # ,

RJD2: "Smoke & Mirrors" from Deadringer LP (contains sample from Marion Black's "Who Knows") (Darren)
links: ,

Andre Williams & Green Hornet: "Jail Bait" from Holland Shuffle Live at the World Famous Vera Club LP (Darren)
links: , ,

Bill Doggett: "Percy Speaks" from Hot Doggett LP (Christopher Pazowski)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk: "The Inflated Tear" from The Vibration Continues LP (Christopher Pazowski)
Dudu Pukwana & Spear: "Nobomvu" from In the Townships LP (Steve Kemme)
Gato Barbieri & Dollar Brand: "Hamba Khale!" from Confluence LP (Steve Kemme)
Lenis Guess: "Workin for My Baby" from Frank Guido Presents Greatest Hits by Gary US Bonds & others (Steve Kemme)
Alphonse Mouzon: "Nitroglycerin" from Mind Transplant LP (Tommy Bolin on guitar) (JP Pfister)
Willie Bobo: "Fried Neckbones & Some Home Fries" and "Michelle" from Uno Dos Tres 1-2-3 LP (JP Pfister)
Syd Barrett: "Feel," "If It's In You" and "Late Night" from The Madcap Laughs LP (Viv Rusche)
Walter Carlos: "Pompous Circumstances" from By Request LP (Scott Covrett)
Jimi Hendrix: "Little Wing" from In the West LP (Adam Pratt)
Radiohead: "Videotape" from In Rainbows LP (Adam Pratt)
Randy Newman: "Living Without You" from Randy Newman Live LP (Neil)
Andre Williams & Green Hornet: "Shake a Tail Feather" from Holland Shuffle LP (Group consensus)

(Photos: Top: Dudu Pukwana. Below: Ccover of a Tom Robinson Band album. Right,

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Info on Andre Williams, Capsoul Records

Marion Black "Who Knows" (1970)
Buy, listen, and tracklisting for Numero Group Re-Issue Of Capsoul Records Columbus Ohio Compilation:
Numero Group

Capsoul Records Information Including a video of Marion Black singing on the phone in 2009 "Smoke & Mirrors" (2002)...uses looped sample of Marion Black's chorus in "Who Knows"

Andre Williams & the Green Hornet "Jail Bait"
Listen to original 1960 version "Jail Bait" on youtube: Info:

Buy or browse Norton Records Re-Issue Catalog:
(This information is provided by Darren)