Friday, March 4, 2011

Set List from Feb. 22 Vinyl Night

Hatfield and the North: "Share It" and "Lounging There Trying" from The Rotters Club LP (Neil)
Stick Leg's (sic) and the Butchering Persian's (sic): "Flying Twist" and "The Wedding" from 45 (local 1962 recording on Hard Times) (John Brengelman)
The Students: "Everyday of the Week" from 45 (local 1958 recording on Note) (John Brengelman)
Booker T & the MGs: "Time is Tight" from 45 (Greg Reece)
Leo Kottke: "Beantime" from Greenhouse LP (Greg Reece)
Tom Robinson Band: "Up Against the Wall" from Power in the Darkness LP (Bill Frost)
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John Cooper Clarke: "Beasley Street" from Me and My Big Mouth LP (Bill Frost)
Mink de Ville: "'A' Train Lady" and "Soul Twist" from Return to Magenta LP (Steve Rosen)
Klaus Doldinger: "Handmade" and "Freedom Jazz Dance" from Doldinger Jubilee Concert LP (with Johnny Griffin & Brian Auger) (Chuck Young, from Scott Covrett's collection)
Freddy Cannon: "If You Were a Rock 'n' Roll Record" and "Palisades Park" from Explosive! LP (Steve Spatt, second song requested by Gerry Itzkoff)
The Coolies: "Mrs. Robinson" and "The Only Living Boy in New York" from Dig...? LP (Steve Spatt)
Marion Black: "Who Knows" from Eccentric Soul LP (recordings from the Capsoul label in Columbus OH) (Darren)
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RJD2: "Smoke & Mirrors" from Deadringer LP (contains sample from Marion Black's "Who Knows") (Darren)
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Andre Williams & Green Hornet: "Jail Bait" from Holland Shuffle Live at the World Famous Vera Club LP (Darren)
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Bill Doggett: "Percy Speaks" from Hot Doggett LP (Christopher Pazowski)
Rahsaan Roland Kirk: "The Inflated Tear" from The Vibration Continues LP (Christopher Pazowski)
Dudu Pukwana & Spear: "Nobomvu" from In the Townships LP (Steve Kemme)
Gato Barbieri & Dollar Brand: "Hamba Khale!" from Confluence LP (Steve Kemme)
Lenis Guess: "Workin for My Baby" from Frank Guido Presents Greatest Hits by Gary US Bonds & others (Steve Kemme)
Alphonse Mouzon: "Nitroglycerin" from Mind Transplant LP (Tommy Bolin on guitar) (JP Pfister)
Willie Bobo: "Fried Neckbones & Some Home Fries" and "Michelle" from Uno Dos Tres 1-2-3 LP (JP Pfister)
Syd Barrett: "Feel," "If It's In You" and "Late Night" from The Madcap Laughs LP (Viv Rusche)
Walter Carlos: "Pompous Circumstances" from By Request LP (Scott Covrett)
Jimi Hendrix: "Little Wing" from In the West LP (Adam Pratt)
Radiohead: "Videotape" from In Rainbows LP (Adam Pratt)
Randy Newman: "Living Without You" from Randy Newman Live LP (Neil)
Andre Williams & Green Hornet: "Shake a Tail Feather" from Holland Shuffle LP (Group consensus)

(Photos: Top: Dudu Pukwana. Below: Ccover of a Tom Robinson Band album. Right,


  1. My Favorite Modulator John Brengelman brought a couple of great 45's last month, and I've been busy digging for info on them.
    The Student's "Everyday Of The Week"
    listen to it:
    or Download It:

    Stick Legs & The Butchering Persions the Wedding:

    I wish I could have found "Flying Twist"

  2. Keep those links coming folks!
    Here's a couple of links for Hatfield & the North:

  3. Neil, Your Hatfield and the North album is an AMG(All Music Guide) album pick. They've got a lengthy review and some interesting moods and themes listed to describe the recording.

    Check it out here: